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Did Gucci Rip Off This New York Jewelry Designer?

Gucci's spring/summer 2016 presentation.
Gucci's spring/summer 2016 presentation.
Venturelli/Getty Images

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Let this Fashion Month forever be known as the year big brands may-or-may-not have taken a little too much inspiration from New York-based independent designers (the other case involves a designer that rhymes with Schmansur Schmavriel). This time around, Fashionista is reporting that Gucci's spring accessories collection include nail rings clearly stolen from NYC-based Bijules Jewelry.

"While it is an honor to be knocked off by Gucci, they have all of the resources to create something unique; instead they went back to something that's steadfast and iconic of my company and that is unjust," founder Jules Kim, who's been making the styles since 2006, told the website.

Jules, who copyrighted the nail rings in 2007, says she's contacted her legal team and plans to enact a cease-and-desist against Gucci for copyright infringement.

For the record, here's Gucci's version:

A photo posted by Susie Lau (@susiebubble) on

And here's Bijules':

A photo posted by Bijules Jewelry (@bijules) on