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$10 Charms Are the Highlight at the Links of London Sample Sale

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The Links of London sample sale kicked off yesterday evening with two hours of shopping before opening to full days over the weekend, so we stopped by to check out the good deals on lots of silvery baubles. Jewelry shoppers can find up to 75% off retail prices on charms, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even on men's jewelry, with the cheapest pieces starting at $10 for charms and topping off at $300 on bracelets which normally retail for up to $1,500. Note that all jewelry is in clear plastic bags with prices marked, but you can take out the pieces to try them on, which is necessary for many of the rings and bracelets that don't denote sizes.

When you enter 151 Wooster Street, you'll first see three tables with men's jewelry to your left, organized by price categories — $50, $75 or $100 for items that normally cost between $95 and $425. Here, we found steel Element rings, McLaren necklaces, and dog tags for $50. We also found a square chain, a Rogue Tusk pendant, and a Union Jack bangle for $75. For $100, expect to see classic men's cuffs and necklaces that are usually between $250 and $425.

Near the back is a table full of miscellaneous charms priced at either $10 (from up to $70), $20 (from up to $95), or $30 (from up to $325). From the huge $10 section, we liked charms including the mini cherry, outdoor washroom, and the mini pink metallic heart. For $20, we spotted an alligator clog charm, a "Booby Trap" bra, a Coca Cola bottle, and an enamel lips. For $30, we found a sirens charm, the Sweetie chain charm, a snowman, and a duo 'Love Me, Love Me Not' charm — check them out in the gallery above. Lots of Shoppers were here sifting through the trays, trying to find specific charms for different occasions or as gifts.

Moving further back, you'll find women's earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces organized by price categories ranging from $50 to $300. Standout pieces include Effervescence cord bracelets for $50 (from $295), Sweetie rings (from $195), and Star Dust toggle rings for $50. To complement that, the Star Dust toggle round bracelet and Star Dust rose gold square necklace are each $75 (originally $295 and $335, respectively). We also liked this Hope double ring with onyx for $100 (from $385).

There is also a very small selection of accessories by checkout, all going for $25 apiece. This includes leather and silver keychains, travel kits, tea light candle holders, pens, and single miscellaneous items.

As this sale only runs through Sunday afternoon, there won't be any restocking — so go early for the best selection. Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.—Hsini