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Helpful New Fashion Blog Shows You How to Dress Like the Pope

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Pope Francis is expected to arrive in NYC any minute now, and when the Popemobile finally drives down Fifth Avenue to greet the thousands of people who've lined up to watch him (or to pick up a pope-themed bobblehead), they'll all be thinking the same thing: "Now that is a dope robe."

Much has been made of the current Pope's normcore sartorial preferences, which distinguish him from his flashy, red Prada shoe-wearing predecessors. Now the internet has given us the fashion blog we never knew we needed — The Catholic Chic — which tells you exactly how to recreate His Holiness' coolest, most monochrome looks.

"The inspiration came from a co-worker who commented on my very Papal Chic outfit yesterday," Williamsburg resident Sarah Tosques told Racked. "After declaring my spring/summer wardrobe Jesus Chic (Birkenstocks or leather sandals and sack dresses), I guess it was the an obvious progression into fall. I decided to run with it."

On the blog, you'll see a bevy of posts with a photo of the Pope (or other particularly stylish Catholics, from Jackie Kennedy's meet-the-pope outfit or vintage nuns) juxtaposed with a modern-day shoppable version, like this Maryam Nassir Zadeh dress or this Reformation cape.

While Tosques says the blog's just for fun, she does give this piece of advice for anyone attempting to pope-ify their fall look: "Loose layers, comfortable shoes, and forget about colors — black, white, and gray." Amen.