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Chunky Heels and Funky Sneakers at the Ruthie Davis Sample Sale

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The Ruthie Davis sample sale, which kicked off in West Chelsea this morning, is stocked to the brim with unique and cheeky heels and on-trend sneakers (if you're looking for winter footwear, you're going to have to try somewhere else). Since the brand's shoes typically range from $600 to $1,200, expect to see steep discounts on styles with bright graphics and kicky designs as soon as you walk in.

The sale is neatly organized by price, with a shelf of $200 shoes, a collection of $250 "slightly-worn" samples, $300 "brand new" shoes, and a tiny selection of $450 boots. Sizing runs from 36 to 42, but sizes 37 and 39 shoes are the most abundant.

The $200 shoes tended to be the less flashy designs. Predominant styles here included a strappy wedge in a demure purple-brown and a shorter-heeled metallic silver sandal. However, as the price jumped from $200 to $250, the shoes got saucier and flashier. Better yet, most of the samples on the "slightly-worn" shelf looked brand new. Save a rare scuff or two on the heels, everything could be described as new out of the box.

While perusing the selection of "lightly worn" shoes, associates informed us that the designer's own shoes are available for purchase. Wanting to add a personal touch, Davis cleaned out her own closet and added her old favorites into the mix — check them out in the gallery above, and note that she is planning on bringing in more throughout the sale.

There is also a small selection of fall 2015 production shoes available at wholesale cost. The selection and sizing is extremely limited for these, with only three to four pairs of each shoe available. Since these are current-season shoes, expect less-than-huge markdowns: A classic black stiletto silhouette that usually retails for $610 is going for $280, while peep-toe pumps are $387.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, aside from Davis' personal archives, this sale won't be restocked, so if you're looking for a rarer size, make sure to get in sooner rather than later. Check out the hours and location in the Dealfeed below. [Update: This sale has been extended through Friday, October 2nd, running daily from 10am to 6pm.]