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Feminist Bookstore Bluestockings Needs $50,000 to Stay Alive

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New York City's only feminist bookstore — and one of only 13 remaining in North America — is in trouble. According to Bowery Boogie, the beloved Lower East Side shop-slash-activist center Bluestockings is seeking donations to contribute not only to a new rent increase, but to store renovations that'll help it stay in business for years to come.

Over the past week, more than $3,000 has been raised on IndieGoGo. But to renovate its storefront, update its computers, software, and café equipment, and expand its inventory, it'll need to reach its $50,000 goal in the next two months.

The entirely volunteer-run store ("No one at Bluestockings is even compensated for their work — our team of over 80 people donate their time and energy to make Bluestockings run," the campaign page reads) just signed a five-year lease this June, though the rent is now much higher.

"As we plan ahead for the next five years," it continues, "Bluestockings believes that physical renovations to our storefront are vital to meeting demands of an ever-changing publishing industry and expanding our customer base." Visit IndieGoGo to donate.


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