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Sferra's Sample Sale Has Your Winter Bedding at 70% Off

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Update: As of Friday morning, further reductions have been taken in several merchandise categories. Original sale prices are reflected below.

At 10:04am this morning, an impatient line was winding around 260 Sample Sale and onto the crowded Fifth Avenue sidewalk. Shoppers were queuing for the promise of luxury bed linens and towels from the Sferra sample sale at up to 75% off retail prices, and they would not be disappointed. We joined the eager bargain-hunters on the first morning of the sale to found a cozy sight of low-priced bedding and bath towels just in time for the gray, chilly day outside.

When the doors open, leave your stroller at the front for maximum space to peruse sheet sets, duvets, shams, and pillowcases, all ranging from twin size to California king. Everything is either Egyptian or 100% cotton and selling for at least less than half the retail price, like queen duvets normally priced at $440 sold here for only $132. For twin duvets, an Orlo Egyptian cotton duvet is going for $98, and its sham is only $36.

Wander towards the back and you're suddenly surrounded by throws (60% off), quilt sets (55% off) and decorative pillows ($45 to $60). Some items were originally priced for as high as $1,000, but here you'll find nothing more than $600.

The towel section that lines the left wall boasts "Bello," "Low Twist" and "Stripe" towels, but for the most part, you'll find a range of neutral-colored "Bello" towels at $25, as well as bath sheets ($45), tub mats ($25), hand towels ($14), and washcloths ($5). If the "Low Twist" towels were there, they were snapped up in the first few minutes, or buried deep out of sight in lieu of the more lively striped towels in the corner ($19), next to the Berkley robes ($56).

As you wait in the dense but quickly moving line, check out down pillows and duvets all for less than half of what they retail — it's a good way to stock up early on a little extra warmth, even though harsh winter weather (hopefully) won't hit New York for another few months.

If you're deliberating over anything, take time to think and come back later in the week — they'll be restocking everything you see on the floor. And who knows, maybe the prices will drop even lower, though there's no official word from Sferra about any further discounts. You have until Sunday to check it all out; see the sale specifics in the Dealfeed below.