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Anna Sui Loves Being Just a Tiny Bit Further South in Soho

Anna Sui at her NYFW Spring 2016 presentation
Anna Sui at her NYFW Spring 2016 presentation
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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A couple blocks can make all the difference. Anna Sui celebrated the debut of her eponymous shop's move after 23 years on Greene Street further south to 484 Broome Street last week, following an archival sale earlier this summer, and as the designer told Fashionista, the new location had double the benefits: Not only is this location cheaper rent-wise, it's also a "happening area."

"I noticed that Tomorrowland just opened a big store down the block, which has incredible stores in Japan. Kirna Zabete's across the street, Isabel Marant's diagonal there," she told the website. "The flavor of where we were was changing and it's kind of moved over this way, so I think it was a good move." More than anything, the designer's move points out a shift, as more and more shops move even further downtown.

The relocation to Greene Street also gave Sui a chance to rethink her signature design elements. Speaking of the old shop, she notes, "The red floors, the purple walls, the black lacquer became the packaging, became the trademark colors, and so it was like, what do I let go of and what do I still keep?" The solution came in the form of her last wallpaper, which she says adds a "crazy art nouveau" elegance.

Since we're not quite sure how to describe this, the best thing you could do is to head down to Broome Street to see for yourself.

Anna Sui

484 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, USA