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St. Mark's Place's Last Record Store Is Closing

EV Grieve

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It's been a rough year for the East Village, but nowhere are the store closures and changing retail landscape more apparent than on St. Mark's Place. The storied thoroughfare has been plagued by the exit of indie businesses like legendary punk store Trash & Vaudeville and the beloved St. Mark's Bookshop around the corner. And now, its last record store is leaving, too.

EV Grieve reports that Sounds is shutting its doors, though news of the impending closure have been circling since February of 2014. We're not sure when its last day will be — but until then, there's a final sale on all of its remaining merchandise.

St. Mark's Sounds

St. Marks Pl. 20, New York, NY 10003-8008 (212) 677-3444