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Lululemon Will Open Its Eleventh Manhattan Store in Noho

Inside a Lululemon store.
Inside a Lululemon store.

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Lululemon, inventor of  "engineered sensation" yoga pants, and, perhaps less favorably, its own brand of beer, is opening yet another store in downtown Manhattan When the outpost takes over 50 Bond Street (the former home of the Eva Scrivo salon that's moving to 139 Fifth Avenue) it'll be the brand's eleventh store in Manhattan.

The 6,400-square-foot space, divvied up between the ground and lower levels, is located curiously close to both Prince Street outposts—the women's store and the men's store across the street from each other—as well as Kit + Ace in Nolita, the brand launched by Lululemon founder Chip Wilson's wife and son.

We're not sure when exactly it'll open, but its new Noho neighbors, Kenneth Cole and John Barrett, are likely to arrive first.


50 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012, USA