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Kenneth Cole's New Store Is Open Whenever You Want, Just Like the Internet

Cole (center) with actors Alan Cumming and Bryan Greenberg at the store's opening event
Cole (center) with actors Alan Cumming and Bryan Greenberg at the store's opening event

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Embodying the internet in real life is no easy feat, but Kenneth Cole is blurring the lines between virtual and reality as much as possible when it comes to his concept store that debuted on the corner of Bowery and Bond Street earlier this week. "The goal was to try to create a curated virtual experience in a physical environment," Cole explained to Racked outside of the store on Wednesday evening while a celebrity-filled grand opening party raged on inside. "So, how do you replicate all those attributes that we've all become used to virtually?"

By filling the store with touch screens both big and small so shoppers can view the brand's entire product offering is one way; same-day delivery in New York City is a second. But the real kicker here is that, just like the internet, this store will be accessible 24/7. As Cole told WWD that same night: "We'll give you a card, and you'll text that number or call that number and the store will open within three hours."

That could come in handy if you're having a late night in the area, an area that Cole feels is aligned with his company. "In many ways, there's such a depth and such a history of this street that goes back so far that's great to be a part of," he told us. "We're a New York brand, and there's an energy that's inherent not just in New York, but down here."

He's contributing to that energy not only with a selection of apparel that's largely New Yorker-approved black and an abundance of leather sneakers, but also with limited-edition items like furry skateboards, leather medicine balls, and even leather handcuffs and blindfolds. That sounds exactly like what you'd want to be shopping for after last call right across the street at Bowery Electric.

Kenneth Cole

328 Bowery, New York, NY 10012, USA