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Are These Seemingly Innocuous Uniforms 'The Ugliest NHL Jerseys Ever?' You Tell Us

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The New York Islanders revealed their newest jersey yesterday in honor of the team's move from New Jersey Nassau County to Brooklyn, and judging by fans' reactions on Twitter and elsewhere, things did not go as planned.

It's important to note, however, that the Islanders aren't actually getting rid of their traditional royal blue and orange — the new black and white iteration is only the team's third jersey, which acts as an alternate uniform that'll only be used in less than a third of this season's games.

This, of course, did not stop fans from giving their own hot takes: "I don't like that it doesn't have true Isles colors," one fan told the Brooklyn Paper, while Barstool Sports wrote "oh boy are they bad" and "these are flat out ugly." Naturally, people aired their grievances on Twitter, too:

And finally,

Is it just us, or are these jerseys fine? Like, not particularly gorgeous or anything, but, y'know, satisfactory? No? Back to puking? Ok.

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