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The Kanye West-Fern Mallis War Isn't Even Close to Over

Getty Images/Tommaso Boddi/Michael Stewart

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The world was promised a Kanye West–Fern Mallis throwdown, one that would pit the inventor of New York Fashion Week with the 2020 presidential candidate and actual god (his words). And yesterday, that promise turned from a vague hope into the petty, passive-aggressive fashion tiff we all deserved.

Page Six reports that while Mallis wasn't among the crowd at yesterday's surprise Yeezy Season 2 presentation, the reason wasn't because she was busy at another show — it was because Kanye didn't invite her. "I was hoping to go to his show actually to see it," she told the paper. "I was told they didn't want me there."

In case you've forgotten, Mallis made the mistake of criticizing him back in February ("I'm kind of over Kanye"). Note: Never criticize Kanye West, because remember, he was "too famous" by the time he started designing, and "attempting to do clothing has been very difficult" for him. Mallis then replied that she never said anything about his collection, and that "I'm not a fan of his music and I think his agenda and attitude is just not my style." Afterwards, she invited him to be a guest on her 92 Y interview series "Fashion Icons," an invitation that as of April, has remained un-RSVPed.