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Coco & Breezy and Satya Twena Have Teamed Up for a Sample Sale

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Name a cooler eyewear and hat brand duo than Coco & Breezy and Satya Twena and, well, we'll eat our hats, as the saying goes. Their joint sample sale kicked off this morning in Twena's midtown studio (the 12th floor of 212 W 35th St), and we stopped by to get a look at all the styles and prices.

Upon entry to the small, sunny space, you'll notice racks upon racks of hats, from beach-y straw and boater varieties to fall-ready cloches and wide-rim felt hats. Samples from the most recent fall season start at $50 and are all in army green, while most fall hats from this season are $125. For $50 and $75, you'll find lots of straw fedoras and floppy sun hats, and for $75 or $99, plenty of fall styles from previous seasons.

Near a mantle filled with cute $25 Minnie Mouse headbands and other small accessories, there's a cardboard box filled with a rainbow of $25 floppy summer hats. Also on the cheapest end of the sale: a $5 bin in the back with sample hats and quirky styles like feathered caps and cone-shaped crowns.

Head towards the right for Coco & Breezy, who've toted out six styles of sunglasses for the sale. All are around half-off at $100, with the exception of Mosi and Rainy Days, both of which are $60. Scroll through the photos above to get a sense of the styles — you've got until Saturday at 6:30pm to shop it.