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Forever 21 Is Closing Its Fifth Avenue Store With a Giant Half-Off Sale (Update)

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Update: Less than a week later, this store has already closed. Our original story is below.

Just over six months into its much-anticipated return to Fifth Avenue, Forever 21 is closing its least hectic store ever. A Racked tipster tweeted this photo, which informs shoppers that the location will soon be closing and directs them to the nearby Times Square store.

There's some good news, though: Our tipster adds that while only the first of the five stories are open to shoppers, much of the merchandise is an additional 50% off. (If you're currently experiencing deja vu, it's because H&M pulled the exact same move when it exited the address back in December.) We're not sure how long the discounted items will last, nor when, exactly, the store will close, so your best bet is to head over ASAP