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DreamDry Just Upped Its Prices, Blowoutgate Appears Imminent


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The days of the $40 blowout are dwindling. Following this June's news that Drybar would be increasing prices on its flagship service to $45, it appears that the competition is, tragically, following suit: This morning, DreamDry sent an email to its clients that they, too, would be increasing the cost of a blowout from $40 to $45.

Braid styling, express services, and BYOE (bring your own extensions) will all also cost an extra $5, while updos will increase from $80 to $90. The price changes won't come into effect until October 1st, however, so now's your chance to book as many blowout packages as possible for the rest of the month.

Though the $40 blowout may be dying, but it's not dead quite yet Competitors RPZL and Blo both still offer the service for $5 less than DreamDry and Drybar — but who can say for how long.


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