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Fashion Vapes Have Come to Opening Ceremony

The Cut

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Fashion has a favorite brand of vapes — and, not surprisingly, they're not the kind that look like hookah pipes. Pax, whose small, sleek vaporizers retail for $280, have come to cool-kid store Opening Ceremony.

The Cut reports that as of today, Pax has partnered with the brand to sell the vapes to both the Soho and Ace Hotel locations, with a soon-to-be announced collab to follow later (the brand also sponsored Opening Ceremony's NYFW show this weekend). "Opening Ceremony came to us and saw that our product was something both consumers would really like and a way for them to engage in a new category," said CEO Richard Mumby. "We have a really enthusiastic base of consumers, some of whom are in the fashion space" (*sheepishly raises hands*)

And it's that fashion space that Pax has been cornering when it comes to where you can find them: They initially launched at menswear store Odin in March, and recently became available at the Southampton boutique Tenet.

Opening Ceremony

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