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The Pornhub Pop-Up Is Located Inside a Hot Dog Shop


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Pornhub — a website for porn — is currently hosting a pop-up shop inside a hot dog store today. Wow, you're probably thinking, Think of all the hot dog-related dick jokes I'm about to read!

Well, reader, we're sorry to inform you that you will be receiving no dick jokes from us today, and instead only the sorts of facts you would hear about any other pop-up: Pornhub, which evidently also makes clothing (you can click on this link, it's pretty SFW), has brought said clothing to Crif Dogs in the East Village, which sells hot dogs, for one day.

Included in the temporary store: Baron von Fancy-designed hats and shirts that say things like "Zone out with your bone out," as well as other collabs with street artists like CES and Kalen Holloman. The bad news? You've only got until 5pm today to buy them, until the hot dog shop with a bunch of tee-shirt jokes about dicks just turns into a regular hot dog shop.

Crif Dogs

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