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The Best Instagram Accounts of NYC Stores


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You already follow all the top models, famous pets, foodies, fashion photographers, and anyone with an exceptionally cute baby on Instagram, but here's another category to add to that list: Stores! We've rounded up 14 of New York City's best store Instagram accounts, each awarded with a yearbook-style superlative, from "most instances of ice cream cones" to "most likely to make you wish you were a cool Korean teen." Enjoy these the next time you're mindlessly scrolling through your timeline when you don't know anyone at the party.

Best for dreamy sixties inspo

Much like its East Village store — it's covered in pineapple wallpaper and a neon sign that reads "cute shit" — Cloak & Dagger's Instagram account is fueled by L'Ecole des Femmes dresses matched with winged liner and vintage Brigitte Bardot.

Best for dreamy nineties inspo

For those who fancy themselves less Mad Men and more My So Called Life, the muses on the No. 6 Instagram range from Kurt Cobain to 90s Susan Sarandon, who was evidently a total fox.

A photo posted by No.6 Store (@no6_store) on

Best juxtaposition of clothing with plants

Meatpacking boutique In Support Of has astroturfed walls, tons of greenery, and really, really cute clothes, which are almost always cuter when photographed next to said plants (which seems to be a trend right now).

A photo posted by In Support Of (@insupportof) on

Best interiors

Even if you took away all of its stock — clothes, accessories, and decor — Swords-Smith would still have one of the most beautiful stores in the city. Lucky for those who swoon over minimalist interiors, the South Williamsburg boutique pays homage via Instagram.

A photo posted by SWORDS-SMITH (@swordssmith) on

Most instances of ice cream cones and pineapples

Few food items are as photogenic as ice cream cones (held up against an equally photographic background, of course) and pineapples, with their silly, spiky hats. We wouldn't be mad if the Babel Fair Instagram account were to be suddenly transformed into an ode to both, though we'd miss its affordable fashions just a little bit.

A photo posted by Babel Fair (@babelfair) on

Most minimalist shoes in most minimalist locations

The most minimalist shoe store in the world has an Instagram account to match: Feit often photographs its handmade footwear inside its Nolita shop, where everything's spare and staunchly neutral.

A photo posted by FEIT (@feitdirect) on

Most likely to brighten your day

Emoji-shaped pins, Baron von Fancy, and boobs and butts dressed up in rainbow hues is what the American Two Shot Instagram account is all about. That makes total sense, considering the playful vibe of the store. Fancified novelty items like these keychains are also a common theme.

Best use of animals

It sort of makes sense that the Creatures of Comfort Instagram account is absolutely full of, well, creatures. Instead of just the usual kittens, there's also plenty of lesser-Instagrammed critters, like piglets and horses.

Most sideboob and weed

Sex, drugs, and rock & roll is just as good of a vibe to have as any on Instagram, whether it's Metallica tees, models rolling around in mud, or just some good ol' fashioned weed smoking. The monochromatic lookbook images that the Assembly New York account is made of typically incorporate at least one of these elements.

A photo posted by Assembly (@assemblynewyork) on

Best denim-spo

Even if you aren't already a denim person, the Courtshop account provides an outfit idea you'll want to steal with every post, from midi-length denim pencil skirts to cute minidresses like the one below.

A photo posted by @courtshop on

Most likely to make you wish you were a cool Korean teen

If you're like us, you probably already wished you had the life of a cool teenager living in Korea, but a deep dive into the Pixie Market Instagram will only double your urge to rock bags shaped like doughnuts. Though the store is sadly RIP, it still lives on online.

A photo posted by Pixie Market (@pixiemarket) on

Most envy-inducing backyard

Since Concrete + Water opened last winter in Williamsburg, its two founders have been documenting the fun in the store's backyard, which plays host to pop-up shops, parties, and sales — be sure to stop by the store to Instagram it yourself before summer's actually over.

Most likely to seriously increase your stacking ring game

The masters of all things gold and teeny, Bedford Avenue jewelry boutique Catbird has been a pioneer in the realm of stacking rings since it opened a decade ago, and rightfully documents them on social media. Bonus: the account also features numerous actual cats (but not birds).

A photo posted by catbirdnyc (@catbirdnyc) on

Most likely to make you want to buy absolutely everything

"I want that top" is a thought you'll blurt out roughly 18 times while scrolling through the Sincerely Tommy Instagram account. Take, for instance, this one. I want it.