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Alexander Wang's Surprise Event Fulfills Fans' Hopes

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Wednesday night was sticky and humid in Soho, but that didn't keep dozens of Alexander Wang enthusiasts in black heels and boots from hitting the cobblestones of Grand Street. They all lined up for a mystery event, named in the brand's newly-launched Snapchat, set to take place in the store at 7pm. Free clothes? Free alcohol? Free anything, really, would entice a New Yorker — but this particular event brought free fashion royalty, too.

Everyone in line got stamped if they were over 21 (a few in line were as young as 15), and once the doors opened, the black-and-white clad crowd walked in to find emblazoned "Do Something" #Wang10 neon insignia, marking the designer's collaboration with the social change organization in honor of his namesake label's tenth anniversary. The collection has been modeled by the likes of Kanye West, Kristen Wiig, and Cara Delevingne, along with a few other names you might be familiar with. It's a big deal — but for this milestone, we would expect no less.

After grabbing free Absolut mojitos, guests could try out the special Alexander Wang photo booth serving up branded polaroids, and buy the "Do Something" shirt — at $45, it's maybe the most affordable thing you'll ever find in here. People milled around the store, examining the fur hammock ("Can I lie on this? Probably not..."). But by 7:30, everyone had started to wait and wonder, "What else?"

Enter Alexander Wang, the designer himself. He very quietly walked in the front entrance and began taking photos with a small, neat line of fans. Bit by bit, people began to notice the man with his glossy mane and bright laugh, and soon the deluge was upon him. He migrated to the back of the store, encountering the rest of the surprised crowd. The mobbing continued, and the clamor for selfies and photos became a free-for-all.


Soon the organizers pushed for some order, and a line formed as Wang began signing the tees and other merchandise, taking carefully arranged selfies with each guest, posing and laughing and pretending it wasn't Bikram yoga-level heat inside the store of adoring fans. It was all much appreciated. Most people were happy campers, having gotten signatures and photos (albeit sweaty ones) with the icon. And friends lent each other support (and honesty, of course) after their encounters.

Girl: "Oh nooo, this photo!"

Her friend: "Ewww you look HEINOUS. Hahaha!"

But the important thing is that there is a photo, so this moment totally happened. Things wound down a little, and partygoers started to head to other events, though the Absolut Fizzes kept coming and the "Do Something" tees were flying off the shelves. There's plenty of cause for celebration as Fashion Week begins.

Alexander Wang

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