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The Trouble With Forever 21's Massive Times Square Store

Brian Harkin

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Is Forever 21 about to take a page from Macy's? The Wall Street Journal reports that, amid unexpected financial trouble, the fast fashion retailer is looking to unload some of its larger stores, and specifically calls out the 90,000-square foot Times Square store that opened five years ago.

"After several years of fantastic results, they are facing some of the same struggles that other teen retailers are facing," financial analyst Brian Tunick told the paper, despite the brand's fervent efforts to draw in all sorts of shoppers (most recently including those who are no longer 21).

Don't expect the brand to exit this 24/7 flagship, though: Unnamed sources say that Forever 21 is in talks to "downsize" some of these mega-stores—a tactic we've seen around the city recently—and plans for Times Square weren't specified.

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