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Rihanna Debuted Her Fragrance in Brooklyn to Angry Animal Activists


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Rihanna was at the Downtown Brooklyn Macy's yesterday to celebrate the release of her fragrance RiRi by Rihanna, in case you didn't happen to see the giant line of superfans who camped out in front of the department store for three days. The event started out like any other celebrity appearance: screaming fans, bodyguards everywhere, and roughly 800 selfie sticks:

But at some point in the evening, a group of animal activists arrived, toting signs reading "Who died for your coat?" and the word "Fur" crossed out:

A photo posted by Rob Banks (@rob___banks) on

In this video, you can see security guards attempting to push some of them out:

A video posted by Rob Banks (@rob___banks) on

And here, you'll see one of them screaming, "Murderer!" while being carried out by security.

A video posted by Rob Banks (@rob___banks) on

On a lighter note, however, Rihanna was also spotted having this adorable moment with a fan, in which she reportedly says to him, "You love me, right? Then show me," and wraps his arms around her for a photo:

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