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The Asics Warehouse Sale Is Bold in Both Color and Price Cuts

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Update: As of Thursday morning, prices have been reduced. Sneakers are $40—$50, tees are $8, tank tops are $10, shorts are $13, sports bras and swimwear is $13, capris are $15, pants and leggings are $20, and jackets and hoodies are $27. Original sale prices are reflected below.

Though September typically indicates the start of fall, the sportswear available at the Asics warehouse sale at 260 Fifth Avenue is all about summer. Bright colors and lightweight workout gear dominated the selection that we previewed last night before doors opened to the public at 9am, where everything aside from shoes is $35 or less.

When you enter, sports bras and swimwear are right in front of you for $17 each. The swimsuits are reversible (cool?) and are stocked in plenty of colors and styles for tops and bottoms along three racks. And these suits aren't just for laying out—think sturdy construction for playing beach volleyball with peace of mind.

The bras are mixed among them, with everything from bright and comfy padded yoga bras to ultra-supportive running styles. Most of these are originally priced at $42, but there's a few edgy ones with mesh that used to be $55.

Next up are tops with built-in bras, also going for $17 (originally $40—$50). There are some great patterns alongside black, white, and solid-colored options. Tank tops sans bras are $13, short-sleeved and tech tees are $17, and regular tees are $10 (a lot of these were branded with the World Series of Volleyball logo).

Nearby are running shorts, tennis skirts, and booty shorts in a few colors (we liked the hot pink, because why not?). Each of these is going for $15, down from original prices between $28 and $45. Dresses are $20, as are capris—there's plenty of black pairs that are perfect for running available in all sizes. Long-sleeved tops, pants, and leggings are all $25, and jackets and hoodies for both men and women are the most "expensive" apparel at $35 apiece.

Several bins with black, white, and colored pairs of socks for $5 are stacked along a back table, next to piles of men's and women's compression tights for $25 on the same table. There's also one backpack style that's actually pretty sweet for the gym for $25 as well.

Sneakers are in the back, and those with a green plastic tie are $50, while blue ties indicate $60. For women, sizes run from 5 to 12, with an inordinate proportion of sizes 10 and up—just be mindful there are fewer small sizes in general. We liked a good amount of the color options (save for Smurf blue), though women definitely have better choices over men—Halloween hues hit hard on the guy's styles, with black and orange patterns galore in sizes 7.5 to 13. Happy fall, we guess?

Check out the gallery above to get a better idea of what you'll find. The sales staff told us that there's tons of back stock, but not to count on all sizes being available throughout the sale's duration. It runs through Sunday at 4pm—see the hours in the Dealfeed below.