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Here's a Taste of Hudson Yards' High-Low Retail Mix

Rendering via Curbed NY

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We're still three years away from Hudson Yards' official debut, but that's not going to stop speculation about what kind of retail New Yorkers will be able to find on the far west side of Manhattan. And Kenneth A. Himmel, the president of real estate development group Urban Related (the firm that's responsible for a whole lot of what's going on there) is already divulging hints to the New York Times about what'll be joining Neiman Marcus and the biggest Equinox gym of them all.

Around the department store will be "a concentration of luxury retail," he told the paper. "You'd expect to see the Chanels, the Diors, the Ferragamos, the Louis Vuittons — all the luxury." Himmel also emphasized that Hudson Yards is going against the grain by putting these brands on the higher floors of this retail complex: "We sort of changed the whole paradigm...we don't have to overconcentrate on luxury on our ground level."

So then what'll be the first thing you see? "You'll see people like you'd expect to see, like Coach, and you'd expect to see people like Sephora," he said (no big surprise for Coach, since they're moving their offices to the neighborhood). "We want to bring a mix of retailing like you see today on Fifth Avenue, so you're going to see the likes of stores like H&M, Zara, [and] Nike."

In short, it doesn't sound like Hudson Yards have any surprises planned for us—at least yet, anyway. Here's hoping that some of the brands we've been pining for make their way there before 2018.

Hudson Yards

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