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Expect the Korean Beauty Sample Sale to Be Ransacked Before Closing

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Update: 4pm: Alicia Yoon of Peach & Lily just sent us the following: "We were out of skincare, but due to the demand, we managed to urgently get a little more skincare from our warehouse to have at least a little bit more for today's PM shoppers too, but [we're] expecting those to all go really quickly...Still great deals and inventory left for color!"

Update, 12:50pm: A tipster informed us that this sale is no longer restocking skincare. And as of 1:30pm, the skincare selection is all but wiped out, though there's plenty of makeup left—"especially lip stuff."

Not surprisingly, the first-ever Korean beauty sample sale got hit pretty hard yesterday, with tons of shoppers descending on the Garment District to snatch up super-discounted skincare and makeup from Clio, Mizon, and more cult favorite brands that Alicia Yoon of Peach and Lily brought back from scouting trips. So what does that mean if you're going today? A much smaller selection, and the chance that certain products—or everything—may run out before you can get there.

A solid line had already formed by the time we stopped by this morning's preview to survey the damage, which most notably hit the mask bar pretty hard. The only two varieties left are Mizon's Vita Lemon skin tightening mask and TonyMoly's "I'm Real" pomegranate sheet mask, and there's only a few dozen of each going for $1. There's now a limit of ten masks per shopper, and there's no more left to restock.

Throughout the room, you'll generally find skincare on the left and cosmetics on the right, and pricing has remained the same: Skincare is color-coded with stickers denoting whether an item is $5, $10, or $20; and makeup is still $5 per item, or five items for $20 or 20 items for $60. Ignore any other signs that say anything to the contrary in the makeup section—we've confirmed with sales associates that these are the correct figures.

Though the skincare collection is definitely smaller, there's still plenty of great finds to shop, like Mizon's blemish spot solution serum and pore-cleansing volcanic mask for $5 (the brands products with the words "Tequlia" and "Rice Wine" prominently stamped on them also got our attention, but perhaps for other reasons. For makeup, there's plenty of Clio mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshadows to choose from, plus Peripera's lash serum and bright lip colors from Lumi Pang. It seemed as if items frequently appeared in more than one spot in the cosmetics section, making it look as if there's a greater variety of products than there actually is.

Sales associates confirmed that both skincare (aside from the mask bar) and cosmetics will be restocked throughout the day, but it wasn't clear exactly how much isn't on display right now—it honestly doesn't sound like a lot. Even though what you're looking for may be cleared out by the time you make it inside, you could still go to enter their social media contest and win $150 worth of Peach and Lily products—you can find entry instructions toward the end of the gallery above. Plus, that shaved ice station is a nice consolation.

If you've got updates on the sale selection and lines as the day goes on, let us know about it in the comments section below or by tweeting us @rackedny.