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Update: See what's left for Thursday, August 6th here.

We're so excited about the first-ever Korean beauty sample sale that we sent two Racked editors (and K-beauty aficionados) to check out the goodies from Peach and Lily (the sale host), Mizon, and more cult beauty brands, many of which either aren't readily available in America or not yet listed on Peach and Lily's website. By now, you probably know that this isn't your typical sample sale: Between crazy-low prices, complimentary skin consultations, and even shaved ice treats, you're definitely going to want to stop by the Garment District at your first available chance.

Editorial designer Brittany Holloway-Brown tells us that discounts of up to 90% on skincare brings most items to between $10 and $20—even luxury lines like Moonshoot, Aromatica, and Be the Skin, which normally sell for $70 and up, are the most expensive items at $20. Another area of the sale is totally dedicated to masks (and aptly named "The Mask Bar,") with many of them available for $1.

For color makeup, every item is priced at $5, though you can get more bang for your buck by getting five items for $20 or even a whopping 20 items for only $60. For a close-up look at what's available in both of these categories, check out the gallery above.

Newbies to the K-beauty scene shouldn't be intimidated: You can get an on-site skin consultation to figure out which products here will treat your specific needs. Other fun features to this sale include the "Beauty Playground," where a $1 charity donation gets you black clay and gold eye pads to try out, and a shaved ice station with $6 treats (just in case you skipped lunch to come here).

Planning on checking out this sale? Be prepared to find lines like this at pretty much any time that they're open, which is through 9pm tonight and between 12pm and 9pm tomorrow.