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A Second Cat Café Opens on the Lower East Side Next Month

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Meow Parlour is about to get some cuddly competition in its very own neighborhood. Less than a year after New York City's first cat café debuted on the Lower East Side comes word from Bowery Boogie that Koneko, "America's first authentic Japanese cat café," is slated to open next month at 26 Clinton Street.

Like at Meow, the furry friends at Koneko (which means "kitten" in Japanese, naturally) are available for adoption; these cats come from the local Anjellicle Cats Rescue. But unlike Meow, customers can purchase and consume food here, according to the local blog—Meow Parlour has a separate facility around the corner for cat poop truffles and the like. And as of now, Koneko hasn't mentioned any plans to offer yoga.