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Givenchy on Madison Avenue Is Finally (Finally!) Open

The new store's interior.
The new store's interior.
WWD/Nicholas Calcott

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Nearly two years after Givenchy first announced it'd be returning to Madison Avenue—the original boutique shuttered nearly a decade ago—it's finally here. The doors to New York City's only Givenchy store are now officially open at 747 Madison Avenue.

And in case the interior didn't already clue you in, WWD reports that the 4,300-square foot space is entirely an ode to the brand's stark, high-contrast aesthetic. "We had the concept of an art gallery where basically things disappear to make the product stand out," CEO Philippe Fortunato told the publication.

Women's collections are sectioned off into three distinct customer ideals: simple black and white dresses for "the woman who swings classic;" an evening-oriented section for furs, cocktail dresses, and "everything related to the social scene and red carpet;" and finally runway looks from the brand's ready-to-wear collection. Over in men's, the customer is "younger [and] more street-inspired," according to Fortunato.

It's all part of the brand's effort to refocus on the American market, and coincides with Givenchy's New York Fashion Week debut, taking place on September 11th. "It's a very delicate day for America, and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love," creative director Ricardo Tisci said of the Marina Abramović–art directed show.

Oh, and those bizarre Givenchy ads featuring Donatella Versace, of all people? There's one hanging in the store's entrance, visible here (photo via WWD):


747 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065, USA