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The Cool-Person Blk Dnm Sample Sale Has $50 Jeans, $250 Jackets

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Warning: All those who enter the Blk Dnm sample sale will likely leave a markedly cooler version of themselves. We stopped by when it opened this morning at 10am and found tons of discounted merchandise, from leather jackets with multicolored fur collars to velvet dresses, shiny space-age blazers, and acid wash jeans.

Upon entering, you'll be asked to check your bag before perusing the racks of leather jackets on the sale's ground floor. Separated by men's and women's styles, most of the items here $500, including bombers and punk-inspired looks. The gorgeous shearling leather jackets ring out at a hefty $800, however. But if you dig, you'll also find a precious few sample styles priced between $250 and $350. Also on the ground level: a rack of leather pants, all for $250.

Head downstairs for cardboard boxes full of $100 sweaters, as well as $40 basic sweatshirts and $20 tees. Behind, there are two tables for jeans, separated by men's and women's and organized by size. Everything here is $50, and colors run the gamut from white to black and every single shade of blue you can think of.

Lining the walls, you'll see silk button-downs for $75, brightly-colored long wool coats for $350, $150 lightweight jackets, and plenty of denim shirting, from regular button-downs ($50) to jean jackets ($75).

There aren't any fitting rooms, but many shoppers had set up a makeshift area in front of a giant mirror on the sale's lower level. Scroll through the gallery above to take a peek at what you'll find (plus the full price list), and see the Dealfeed below for location and hours if you plan on stopping by.