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The Best Reactions to the New Williamsburg Whole Foods


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If you've been out of the NYC real estate blog scene since around 2013, then great news: Whole Foods is coming to Williamsburg! Fast-forward back to 2015, and some less-great news: It's only just starting to take shape. In fact, only this Monday were we finally able to catch a glimpse of the glass towers that anchor the store's corner at Bedford Avenue and North 4th Street.

Though it's reportedly still on track for a spring 2016 opening, let's look back at some of the best reactions to the neighborhood's new addition:

"An inescapable reality." —Gothamist

"Straight out of the New Jersey suburbs." —Curbed

"It's better looking than the new Whitney. And probably more meticulously curated." —Curbed commenter.

"At least it's not directly over a SuperFund site!" —Gothamist commenter

"wow, i completely forgot this was happening after being so pissed about it two years ago." —Brownstoner commenter

"looks like a space age white castle." Curbed commenter

And finally, the best of them all:

Here's to another six (or, let's be real, probably way more) months of NIMBYs, snark, and lame jokes about hipsters.

Whole Foods

242 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA