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The Complete Uniqlo-Lemaire Collaboration Is Coming to Just Two NYC Stores

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Before the world gets hit with H&M Balmania in November, expect a bit of a frenzy in Uniqlo stores when the Japanese fast fashion retailer's collaboration with Lemaire hits the shelves on October 2nd—especially in NYC's Fifth Avenue and 34th Street flagships. That's because these are the only two stores in the world that'll be offering the complete collection.

While everything will be available online, other stores around the world will only be getting a quarter to a third of the warm and comfy pieces envisioned by the former Hermès designer Christophe Lemaire and partner Sarah-Linh Tran, as the Shophound reports.

Get a head start on figuring out what you'll be getting by checking out the full lookbook—complete with pricing—and be prepared to face a long line before the doors open on that Friday morning.

Uniqlo Fifth Avenue

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