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Soho Is About to Have Considerably Fewer Tevas

Laura Gurfein

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During an otherwise ordinary stroll through Soho this morning, we spotted a devastating sign implying that Eastern Mountain Sports on the corner of Broadway and Spring Street is up for rent. The news doesn't come as a huge surprise, however: EMS doesn't exactly vibe with its new neighbor Michael Kors (or its soon-to-be even bigger neighbor, Zara), and activewear brand Lululemon left last year for two new Prince Street stores.

And that's not even considering the astronomical rents on the stretch of Broadway that runs through Soho—just ask Pearl River Mart, which is about to be driven out of its home for 12 years thanks to a five-fold rent increase.

But regarding EMS, we only have one question: What will happen to all the Tevas? Will they find a home at nearby REI? Or perhaps Bloomingdale's Soho for the kinds of girls who can pull them off in a fashion way? You've got a limited time to pick them all up while EMS is still around.

Eastern Mountain Sports

530 Broadway NY, New York, NY 10012 (212) 966-8730