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Who's the Hottest Female Trainer in NYC? Round Two (Update)

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Update: After experiencing issues with accurate vote counts on this poll, we are invalidating previous results and re-opening voting with a new system for another 24 hours, with this poll closing on Thursday, August 27th at 2pm. We apologize for the inconvenience—be sure to cast your vote below and spread the word!

The first round of semi-final voting in the quest to find the hottest trainer in New York City has officially kicked off (go vote for your favorite guy!), but we've still got to lock down the woman going up against Samantha Skolkin of Kore to battle for the honor of hottest female trainer. The polls are officially re-opened, and once again you've got 24 hours to make your decision.

Now's the time to pick your favorite among these diverse competitors. Just to remind you, we've got Rachel Nicks, the Julliard-trained actress who sidelines as a doula when she's not teaching at BFX Studio; Robin Arzon, a former corporate lawyer and current ultra marathon runner and cycling maven at Peloton; Lena Marti, the dancer from Queens who trains at Crunch; and Amanda Butler, the Nebraska native and fitness model who swings kettlebells at The Fhitting Room.

Get a look at the contestants in the gallery above, and be sure to read their bios and interivews before casting your votes. You can let your friends know who you picked by sharing on social media with the hashtag #RackedsHottestTrainer.