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Inside Ricky's New Instagam-Themed Beauty Store

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Everything at Ricky's latest store (you remember Ricky's, right? The omnipresent cult beauty brand with the amazingly cheesy Halloween costumes?) exists for just one goal: Instagram likes. #—yep, that's its name—is now open at 489 Broadway.

Unlike what you might expect, however, #'s overarching goal is to act as an incubator for beauty brands who are already successful on Instagram, not necessarily encouraging shoppers to 'gram the store by filling it with with square-shaped backgrounds on which to take photos of their favorite products (though there is a prop-filled selfie station). Instead, the shop is made of stations for both viral and indie brands like Cocoa Brown, Coloured Raine, LA Girl, Makeup Eraser, Violet Voss, and more.

Also inside: touch screens for streaming YouTube makeup tutorials, as well as opportunities to test products before purchase. Scroll through the gallery above to get a closer look at what you can expect, from straighteners to face masks.