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Williamsburg Is Losing One of Its Best Stores—But There's a Big Sale

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You may never have stumbled upon Joinery, the minimalist home goods-slash-apparel store in South Williamsburg (it's a bit of a hike from the beaten Bedford Avenue path) but since it opened in 2011, it's been a destination in its own right, and once even boasted a 3,000-person waitlist for its glorious blankets. Sad news, however: the brand announced this week that it would be closing up shop to focus on its e-commerce business.

There are not one, but two silver linings to the closure, however: As of next month, the storefront will occupied by locally based menswear brand The Hill-Side. And secondly, all weekend long they're having a huge sale from noon to 7pm, where everything—clothing, textiles, even store fixtures—must go. Stop by to say your final farewell (its last day is Sunday!) and hopefully, scoop up one of those blankets.