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Today's Dannijo Sample Sale Starts At $10

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If you're in the market for costume jewelry but can't bear the thought of gold-plated Canal Street finds, head to the Meatpacking for Dannijo's one-day sample sale, the destination for all your bib necklace and chunky cuff needs.

The sale is neatly organized into tables with items priced at $25, $50, $75, and $150. Shoppers are given plastic bins, so you're free to dump in handfuls of $25 rings and $10 cuffs. With neon rope bracelets, pearl cluster earrings, and chain necklaces, the showroom is like a fancy arts and crafts center. Some of it hinges on kitschy, but for $25, it's hard to say no to, say, a necklace strung with rhinestone-studded lips. Plus, if you're in doubt, founders Danielle and Jodie Snyder are there to give you advice (just try not to fangirl too hard).

For color-averse New Yorkers like myself, the overall selection may be disappointing, but upon discovering the $25 ring box you'll change your mind. There are gigantic multi-colored jewel statement rings, yes, but there are also several gold and silver pieces that are minimal enough for everyday wear yet edgy enough to be part of Dannijo's collection. My advice: return to the box a few times—hidden treasures are waiting.

The sale ends at 7 pm tonight, but before you rush over, don't forget to bring cash—plenty of it.