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The Fat Jew To Debut NYFW Collection for Dadbods

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The Fat Jew, best known for Instagram memes and getting discovered while tanning in a Soho parking spot, has not only been signed to a fashion modeling contract with One Management, but he's taking over New York Fashion Week, too. On September 16th, Josh Ostrovsky (that's his real name) will present the 'Dad Fashion Show,' which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Cut reports that the collection, debuting at MADE Studios at the Standard Hotel,  will be "an eclectic collection of apparel" that celebrates "the moods and personalities of dads of all ages." Ostrovsky, while not a father himself, has been a furtive defender of the dadbod, telling "I just want to inspire people of my size and my gender to be comfortable in their own skin, because it's OK to have a mediocre body and very, very high cholesterol, as long as you look great doing it."