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Betsey Johnson, New Yorker, To Spend a Lot Less Time in New York


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If it takes ten years of living here to call yourself a New Yorker, consider Betsey Johnson a five-fold one. But after more than 50 years here, she's selling off her East Hamptons home to spend more time with her grandkids in Malibu.

But before you get all weepy and start feeling betrayed, know that this isn't like the time Jay and Bey left us: Johnson tells Paper magazine that she'll still be bicoastal, and that it isn't personal at all. "To be honest, I hate California," she said, "and I do not like the earthquakes." However, she also said that it's "great because the Malibu market has more fucking fashion and uniqueness and health and grooviness."

Another major plus for the designer: Dating. "A couple of old surfer dudes looked at me, and I looked back at them and thought, Wow. This is the first time that I've had any communication with a man outside of being 'Betsey Johnson' in New York City." We're excited to see who you bring back with you, Bets.