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Uber Will Return Your Online Shopping Mistakes, Drunken or Otherwise


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Fact: All of the absolute worst places in the world are post offices. And starting today, Uber wants to make sure you never, ever, have to step foot in one again—well, at least through September. Its newest service, RETURNS, will send a messenger to pick up your unwanted, prepaid e-commerce purchases (i.e. that inevitably too-short Forever 21 dress, or that abstract home decor item you bought while under, erm, certain influences) and bring it to UPS, FedEx, or the post office.

It's also relatively cheap: The first use is free, while the rest are just $4—definitively less than the dollar amount of human horrors you would witness while standing in line at the post office. The bad news: It's only available in Manhattan below 110th Street, so if you're a Brooklynite, you'll have to bring your packages either to work or, one could assume, any random street corner. To read the finer details, head over to Uber.