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Where to Shop on National Thrift Store Day

Driely S.

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Fake national holidays are dumb—this we know as an indisputable fact and refuse to hear otherwise. But when they involve both a) the support of a good cause and b) shopping, well, there's always an exception, right? Next Monday, ReuseNYC, which provides promotional services to local nonprofit donation centers, is celebrating its annual National Thrift Store Day by encouraging you to shop secondhand.

Not sure where to start? Here's a handy map that includes everything from consignment shops like Beacon's Closet to Salvation Armies, Housing Works stores, Goodwill, and niche boutiques like Gowanus' Build It Green, Recycle-A-Bicycle in Alphabet City, and Bridal Garden in Flatiron:

Twelve of New York City's Best Consignment and Resale Stores