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New Yorkers Have Spoken, and They (Still) Want a Walmart

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Even though they've got property in New York City (well, just barely), Walmart hasn't made an effort to open a store here—in fact, they're subleasing out that spot they have on the eastern border of Queens. But according to a poll issued by Quinnipiac and reported by Crain's New York, the corporate giant might be making the wrong move.

More than half the people surveyed (55%) are in support of Walmart opening here, with 64% saying they'd shop there if it were convenient. This is in spite of the fact that more than two-thirds surveyed think it'll hurt small businesses and more than half think that the company doesn't pay enough (though they're working on fixing that).

This isn't the first time that the city's denizens have rallied support for locations here, in contrast to the city's past anti-chain movements. A few years back, Walmart published its own survey results online showing that 71% of New Yorkers were in favor of a local branch. Perhaps they'll go down the same road as Lowe's and open city-specific formats in the future.