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At Sandal Sample Sale Coclico, Nothing Is More Than $200

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Put away your flip-flops and head to Coclico's sample sale, taking place today and tomorrow at the eco-friendly footwear brand's Noho showroom. When we stopped by the fifth floor of 670 Broadway earlier today, we found plenty of shoes arranged neatly on shelves, with just a couple shoppers browsing shortly after noon. The majority of the selection is made up of flat or low-heeled sandals, but you'll find booties that are wearable in just a couple months along the top shelves.

The pricing here is simple—or, at least it should be. Everything here is either $100, $140, $160, or $200, with a colored sticker corresponding to the price via posters along the wall. The only problem? Several pairs we picked up, often heels and booties, didn't have any stickers on them. You could sometimes match a pair to its box on the floor with a picture printed on the front, but not always—and tearing through the boxes involves going through a lot of packaging. Luckily, the staff here is attentive in helping you find the styles you're looking for, and they'll be helpful with prices, too.

There were plenty of $100 sandals that we were drawn to here, like a strappy pair with leather covering around the ankles that reminded us of a much more expensive Paul Andrew version we saw at Bergdorf's recently—check these out, along with everything else, in the gallery above. More intricate sandals, like a hybrid sneaker/wedge with perforated cutouts and a majority of the booties, were $200. Size-wise, there were plenty of styles available between 35 and 39, and the selection thinned out a bit at 39.5 and above. A couple pairs that we picked up were marked "last pair" on the sole, and there won't be any restocking.

Be sure to stop in that TD Bank right outside 670 Broadway before you take the elevator up, as this sale is cash-only. The sale runs through 6pm tonight and from 10am to 6pm tomorrow.