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Brooklyn Flea Is Shutting Down in Park Slope


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The Brooklyn Flea is great—there's delicious doughnuts, recycled furniture you probably can't afford, adorable knick-knacks, and some surprisingly decent fashion offerings, too. But the Brooklyn Flea at P.S. 321 in Park Slope? Not so much. And according to DNAinfo, the teeny, often deserted offshoot is dunzo after Columbus Day weekend.

That doesn't mean a flea market of some kind won't return to the space—in fact, before the Brooklyn Flea took over, the market operated under a different manager for 32 years, according to the Village Voice, during which time the cost for vendors was $40 per space, compared to the Brooklyn Flea's rate of $50 per table and $75 per booth.

The Department of Education will now be tasked with finding new management for the flea. "This is only the second time in over 20 years that the flea contract at 321 has become available," P.S. 321 PTA communications manager Emma Murphy wrote to DNAinfo, "We see the opening as a prime opportunity for another organization to take over the contract and curate an eclectic mix of weekend flea market vendors that will speak to Park Slope and our surrounding neighborhoods."

Brooklyn Flea at P.S. 321

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