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Shyp Will Whisk Your Stuff to Goodwill in 20 Minutes


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If you missed the boat on the whole spring cleaning/Konmari fever earlier this year, Shyp is giving you a second chance to easily rid yourself of crap that no longer sparks joy. Between now and August 6th, the app that picks up your items on demand and sends them anywhere across the world for a low fee is partnering up with Goodwill to donate your stuff to the nonprofit organization with just a few taps on your phone—and it's totally free, too.

You can donate up to two 13-gallon-sized garbage bags filled with gently used clothing, sporting goods, toys, and/or household goods by just snapping a photo of your items and requesting the "Goodwill" option. Pickup will occur in 20 minutes or less, and Shyp will send you a tax donation receipt once your items are accepted.

Shyp initially launched this program in San Francisco in April—the same time that Uber did it here—and are now expanding its charitable reach to Miami and LA as well. Here, their pick-up zones hit all of Manhattan below 96th Street and a stretch of Brooklyn between Red Hook and Greenpoint; double-check this map before throwing all your stuff in garbage bags for pick-up.