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The Preppy, Plaid-y Gant Sample Sale Has Returned

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Update: As of Thursday morning, prices have been reduced along select merchandise categories. Original sale pricing is reflected below.

Last year gave us three Gant sample sales, but half of 2015 has gone by and we have yet to see a single one—until 10am this morning, that is. We stopped by the sportswear brand's preview last night at 260 Fifth Avenue to see what's in stock for men and women this time around, and concluded that it's a shame that this sale didn't take place one week earlier: Plenty of the merchandise, from red, white, and blue-striped polos to nautical prints on dresses and pants, would have made perfect Fourth of July outfits.

Prices are the same as the sales that took place last May and September, and once again the selection leans heavily in favor of the men. The first row of racks you'll see nearest the cash registers as you enter is filled with blazers in neutral navy, gray, khaki shades for $195. The men's section is bookended on the left with two long rows of every button-down ($50) that you could ever need, in all colors, prints, and plaids (and sizes, too).

In between, find tee-shirts—the lowest-priced clothing item at the sale at $20—polos for $30, rugby shirts for $45, sweatshirts for $45, sweaters (including several of the ugly Christmas variety) for $50, a long rack of slacks and cargo pants for $50, and various weights of outerwear (many of them waterproof, too) for $100—$150.

Shorts are over by the men's accessories, pleasingly arranged in rainbow color order, and are $50, and denim is nearby in bins labeled by size. Everything on the racks is organized by size, too, and there doesn't seem to be much favoritism for one size over another.

The women's selection is comprised of one row on the left-hand side of the room, with pricing that's generally the same as men's—differences include blazers for $150 (originally priced as high as $495) and dresses for $40 or $75, depending on material. The available merchandise is heavy on tops (think lots of plaid) and pants in lots of solid colors and a few fun prints, and you'd likely want to get any of the blazers you'd find here tailored.

Favorites here included a Missoni-inspired sweater for $50, orange cutoff shorts for $50, and a not-very-Gant-looking mint leather moto jacket for $300—see more of our selections in the gallery above.

Some of the best deals to be had at this sale aren't on the racks. In the back of the room, you'll find that all shoes are $40, whether they're rubber flip flops, dressy loafers, or tall riding boots (note that the two pairs of these shown in the gallery are the only ones available at the sale). Whether you're looking for sandals, sneakers, or oxfords, head to the back of the sale first to make sure you'll find what you want in your size—there will still be plenty of clothing to go around.

Other favorable prices off the racks include men's swim trunks for $25; find them in two bins next to the shorts. Women get the raw end of the deal here, with two bikini prints that are going for $25 per piece. But at least their bag selection is nice, with a few cute crossbody styles going for $75 and larger satchels and bucket bags for $125. Men's bag prices are similar, with a selection of canvas and non-leather styles going for $50.

Elsewhere in men's accessories, find ties, pocket squares, belts, scarves, gloves, mittens, and baseball caps for $25; card holders for $15; and socks for $7 per pair or three for $20, ranging from solid grays and yellows to hot pink with black polka dots and, of course, the American flag.

If the all-American look is what you're going for, then the Gant sale is likely one that you'll want to hit up this week—but as long as you aren't looking for shoes, it's probably a safe bet to wait and see if markdowns will come closer to the weekend. There's a fitting room, too, and no mirrors out on the floor. Check out the Dealfeed below for the sale's dates and hours, and look in the gallery above to see the full price lists.