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Vixen Workout Amps Up Expansion with New Certification Program

Driely S.

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Ever been inspired by the instructors twerking it out at a Vixen Workout class? Now, one of New York's sexiest workouts will teach you to be your own inspiration: The Miami-originated hip-hop cardio dance class just launched its own certification program that's accredited by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

The first phase of training launches this fall with a one-day, eight-hour class that'll go over class choreography and content, teaching methods, the "Vixen technique," and information on how to build and market your own business—meaning we could see a lot more Vixen Workout classes come 2016. In the New York City area, there's only a handful of classes to sign up for per week, and at $18 for a single class, they're a pretty good deal.

Interested in becoming an instructor? The certification class hits the tri-state area—specifically, Rutherford, New Jersey—on November 14th, and the earlier you sign up, the cheaper your registration fee will be.