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Michael Kors Sues Little Italy Landlord for Housing Knockoffs


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Taste for counterfeit bags on Canal Street have changed—these days, Louis Vuitton logos and fake Birkins have been replaced largely by less expensive contemporary brands like Tory Burch, MCM, and Michael Kors, the latter of whom is not pleased. According to the New York Business Journal, the designer is suing a Mulberry Street landlord who's been "turning a blind eye" to the knockoff bags being sold in its storefronts.

After investigators working for the brand were able to purchase knockoff bags inside four different stores owned by the same landlord, the court documents argue that management company Mulberry Street Properties "continues to allow its premises to be used as a safe haven and marketplace from which counterfeiters can sell their wares."

Upon visiting said stores, however, a New York Post reporter didn't spy any fake Michael Kors handbags inside any of the stores, but did overhear a store clerk ask passersby if they were looking for knockoff Michael Kors, and grabbed a bag from inside the trunk of a car nearby that was filled with knockoff Kors watches for $45.