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This Fancy Toy Store Wants to Make Gowanus Adorable

Like, I can't.
Like, I can't.
Hazel Village/Facebook

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It's easy to point to new stores like Hazel Village—a handmade, all-organic line of expensive stuffed animals and children's toys that opened in Gowanus this morning—and sigh, "Welp, there goes my rent increase." But on the other hand, LOOK AT THIS FACE:

This is Fancy Emma Rabbit, one of the brand's signature $50 stuffed animals, who comes with her own backstory (she collects ribbons and loves to invent Maypole dances) and who is now incidentally our official weekend style inspo.

Though Hazel Village currently sells its fox and bunny stuffed animals internationally at equally fancy stores like ABC Carpet and Barneys, the company is also based in the neighborhood, DNAinfo reports. It's landed in a part of Gowanus that's kid-friendly, for sure, but less so than its Carroll Gardens and Park Slope neighbors, and a decent walk from the part of Gowanus that's already been stamped the Ample Hills ice cream factory, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, and the Bell House.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Fancy Emma Rabbit and friends. Watch out for that canal smell.

Hazel Village

510 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA