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Brooklyn Has Its Very Own Celebrity Power Couple Now


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If the borough of Brooklyn could somehow be anthropomorphized into a living, breathing human being, it would probably look something like either Michelle Williams or author Jonathan Safran Foer, two celebrities for whom the de facto descriptor is usually "aggressively lovely." But now, it seems, the two are dating, creating one giant Brooklyn celebrity super-couple.

You may be experiencing myriad feelings right now, including, "But my plan all along was to meet and marry JSF and be the muse for his next great novel!" or "But my plan all along was to meet and marry Michelle Williams, because she seems so lovely!" We understand, it's natural to feel sad when two successful, creative, thirty-something owners of giant Brooklyn mansions have chosen to date each other instead of you. But as one Racked editor put it, this match is truly "so on brand." Their wedding will probably be lovely.