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Watch Out for Drybar's Giant Yellow Blowdryers on the Street This Week


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The last thing you want on a hot day like today is for some oversized blowdryer to spew hot air all over your sweaty self, but luckily, the massive Buttercup that Drybar is rolling around the streets of Manhattan today and tomorrow isn't functional. Instead, its purpose is to give you a free Dry on the Fly—that is, an on-demand blowout at your home, office or wherever you gosh darn please.

If you spot it in the wild, snap an Instagram with the hashtags #DryontheFly and #Sweepstakes to be entered for one of five daily giveaways (valued at $75; check out the full rules here). And next time, let's hope it'll work as a roving air conditioner, too.