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Rachel McAdams Was New York's Worst Tour Guide


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Rachel McAdams appears to have it all—a new TV show, a decade-old movie you've probably already heard someone quote today, and most recently, Tim Riggins—but not, it appears, the specific set of skills necessary to be an NYC tour guide.

On a recent episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, McAdams discusses that time she had to learn everything that a bus full of Canadian teens would ever want to know about NYC in just two days:

"When I was a tour guide in New York, I had never been to New York. I was supposed to be doing Ottawa, Ontario... and someone fell sick... and they asked me if I would go and do New York. I had about two days to prepare and I'd never been here. They gave me like, two binders to go through and I had 35 grade seven and eight kids on a bus. And I had to talk all the way to New York from Toronto... I was like, 'I think that's the Met Stadium over there?'"

Aw. Watch the whole thing here: